Seth Carey is their attorney?

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Seth Carey is their attorney?

Post by T on Wed May 28, 2014 5:36 am

That explains a lot!

MEXICO — An Oxford County Superior Court justice denied one of three motions filed Friday to mandate adding the $2.7 million budget cap voters approved last year to the June town meeting warrant.

The other motions are still pending further information from Rumford lawyer Seth Carey on behalf of client Wes Raynor of Mexico, court Assistant Clerk Darlene Richards said Tuesday in Paris.

"They had a hearing and (Justice Robert Clifford) threw it out on Friday," Mexico Town Manager John Madigan said Tuesday. Carey had asked for a temporary restraining order.

According to the restraining order dated May 22, Raynor wanted the court to prevent Mexico selectmen from approving the annual town meeting municipal budget warrant on Tuesday night, as comprised without Mexico's Budget Proposal Ordinance that residents approved at town meeting June 4, 2013.

He (Madigan) said he tried to explain that to budget cap proponents in mid-March and "they got up and walked out."  dunno  finger wag  lol! 

"I made it pretty clear that I complied with their ordinance and that the budget was well within the limits by almost a million dollars," Madigan said.

"And that definition is the definition of LD 1," Madigan said. "It says, 'the municipal portion of the budget raised through taxation.' So our attorney said, 'Your honor, by their own definition, we're not in violation of this ordinance,' and he threw the thing out. That's what I was told by our attorney. I don't know what the judge said or how he said it, but that's how he explained it to me."

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