LePage says "we’re moving forward"...

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LePage says "we’re moving forward"...

Post by T on Fri Aug 08, 2014 11:35 am

So, LePage and his lackeys give $447,760 of the taxpayers' money to Alexander for a fraudulent report, without taxpayer knowledge and/or approval, to support LePage's preconceived, political ideas, to energize his base in order to prop-up his re-election effort? ....and LePage says to just move forward?

What would have happened to LePage had this sort of mismanagement happened while he was general manager of Mardens?

Where in hell is the Tea Party?  They should be outraged at this corruption and waste! But no, they just look the other way and give their baby a pass.  Tea Party HYPOCRITES, take note: If you want to be taken seriously, you must go after fraud and waste no matter where it leads you.  Otherwise, you are just another wacko group.

*LePage scuttled the canceled $925,000 Alexander Group study on reforming Maine’s social service programs after it came to light that portions of the study were plagiarized.

*The state paid the group $474,760 for the early phases of the study.

*The state recouped $27,000 from the group when the contract was canceled.

*LePage told legislative leaders Thursday the Alexander Group probably doesn’t have the ability to repay the state because of damage to its reputation from the contract with Maine, even if the state were to pursue a full refund.

*“It’s a moot issue at this point, and we’re moving forward,” Bennett (LePage spokeswoman) said. “We understand that there were some missteps regarding that contract, but we’re moving forward.”

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