After all, she's raised kids!

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After all, she's raised kids!

Post by T on Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:53 pm

Here's the latest example of "Candy drivel", that when repeated enough, becomes the truth.  If you read it carefully whistling , she really isn't saying much other than being critical of anything and everything.


RSU 10's budget is way over what the state says is required for Essential Programs and Services (How about one example where it is way over budget Candy?), what is needed to get the kids to school, teach them reading, writing, math and all the other things required to be properly educated on graduation day to get a job or advance to college (Opinion).

In 2013-2014, the districts budget was up from 2012-2013 and the voters said no at the June polls. Instead of coming back with a lower budget as they should have, as the voters asked them to do (Opinion), they raised it another $1.5 MILLION. The voters caved (Caved? Really? Could it be the majority was not happy with the reduced budget and wanted spending increased?) and passed it in July.

Included in that budget and every budget going back forever, is a whole lot of padding (Opinion)., like those 44 POSITIONS no jobs that were eliminated in 2014-2015. It is vary important to read this stuff very careful to get the meaning there rather than the meaning it is hoped will be gotten (Huh?). Every year this district like nearly every government entity (Ya we know Candy, you HATE government, except for the foster care system.) includes a whole lot of "stuff" it has no intentions of having (No intentions? You can read minds?), i.e. 44 positions that are NOT going to be filled (So, they were never going to be filled? I suppose a budget reduction had nothing to do with it, right?). Those are lines in the budget with lots of other adjustments to other lines (Examples, please) in the budget that inflate the budget but which will not be used for the purpose for which they are in the budget. What has happened historically and still is happening, all the money in all those lines become off budget slush funds for administrators and the board (Really? That's quite an accusation there Candy?  Maybe you should report it to the authorities?).

Say Dirigo High School didn't include a coach/team in the budget so they could meet the proposal requirements the board issued, say a 5% total expenditure increase for that school. Come time for that sport, the principal, athletic director, whomever comes to the Superintendent and board and asks for more money for this and the Superintendent is right there ready with a, "we have money left from nnot filling the ed tech or 3rd grade teacher, or what ever at Dirigo Elementary, we can use that money to pay for this." And hell, why not says the board, the voters approved the money, right. YA, for an ed tech or a 3rd grade teacher or whatever at Dirigo Elementary so the kids got an education that would get them a job or college! (Keep repeating this manufactured example, and it'll become the Tea Party "truth".)

All year long, meeting after meeting, this money moving around goes on (Examples, please). AND THE LOSERS ARE OUR KIDS! (Opinion) The current taxpayers who are trying to pay these inflated (Opinion) school budget bills, and of course all that will come after to support kids who aren't prepared for jobs or college and their kids for the rest of their lives.

RSU 10 needs to put together a REAL budget (I think we all prefer a fake budget Candy  whistling ) based on Essential Programs and Services with what is actually needed for teachers, administrators, and support staff as well as facilities and transportation (Sounds like a big budget to me!), eliminating all the positions that are NOT filled and any no longer needed, and adding any positions that are needed (That'll reduce the budget?) AND will be filled (I guess we need to consult Candy next time for guidance.  She's the expert on EVERYTHING!  Don't forget, she's managed a number of failed enterprises in Florida that the State of Florida has no record of.). Doing so will produce a budget that cuts far more than 10% of the 2014-2015 budget (It's time to appoint Candy superintendent.  She has the education, training, knowledge, and experience. After all, she's raised ten kids  dunno .) and would IMPROVE not "decimate" our children's educations (Opinion).

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