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Post by T on Wed May 06, 2015 12:33 pm

Legislators wrestle with cost of repealing income tax

AUGUSTA — It would mean a lot more money in Mainers’ paychecks, but critics of Gov. Paul LePage’s plan to eliminate the income tax say the cost is simply too high for the state to bear.

But “how to make it work” seemed to be the biggest stumbling block for Democrats on the Taxation Committee, and for their allies. Official state estimates indicate the tax cut would mean up to $1.7 billion less in state revenue annually, leaving lawmakers with a hole about half the size of the entire state budget.

Rep. Stephen Stanley, D-Medway, said that if LeBuffoon wanted to make that much money disappear from state coffers, he should have a plan for how to replace it — or a proposal for what spending ought to be cut.

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Exactly, but don't expect a plan from LeBuffoon.  He never has one.  He doesn't take responsibility for anything.  All he does is eliminate without considering the consequences.  His plan? Let the chips fall where they may and force the locals to deal with it.  What a gutless, irresponsible, Tea Party Hypocrite.


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