What guns laws have changed?

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What guns laws have changed?

Post by T on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:29 am

Losing any means of protection

Sue and Ken Huotari  
October 18, 2015

President Barack Obama arms Iran and cannot wait to disarm lawful Americans. What does that tell anyone?

For those people who do not believe that statement — Iran will be allowed conventional weapons in five years; long-range missiles in eight ... if they follow the agreement.

Obama and the progressives will keep taking gun rights from the people, little by little, and people will wake up one day without any means of protection.

Look at the evil world all around.

Sue and Ken Huotari, Temple

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Since he was elected, what legislation has Obama signed into law that has restricted gun rights?

Answer: NONE

In fact, during Obama's 1st term, he signed laws that actually expanded the rights of gun owners, e.g., national parks and Amtrak.

In fact, Obama has continued to urged authorities to enforce the state and federal laws that already exist, something the gun nuts "rant and rave" that the big, bad government should be doing.

Right Candy/Big Jim?

Now before you get your panties all in a wad, I am very aware that Obama has used executive actions to address gun violence. But, there is a difference between executive actions, and legally binding executive orders.

Executive actions are not legally binding.

So, what has Obama done to restrict your gun rights?

Not a damn thing.

Facts are nasty little things, right Candy/Big Jim?

Obama would like to prevent guns from getting into the hands of the following:

    *Convicted felons and people under indictment for a felony
    *Fugitives from justice
    *Unlawful drug users or drug addicts
    *Individuals who have been determined to be mentally incompetent
    *Illegal aliens and legal aliens admitted under a non-immigrant visa
    *Individuals who have been dishonorably discharged from the military
    *Persons who have renounced their American citizenship
    *Persons under domestic violence restraining orders
    *Persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes

This seem reasonable to me. You?

If you don't agree with Obama, that we should deny the individuals listed above gun ownership/possession, then you are just plain nuts.


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Re: What guns laws have changed?

Post by T on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:04 pm

This was a post in the SunJournal comments, on an article about President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.  I'm sure this idiot believes, with all his heart, that his gun rights and the Second Amendment have been compromised.  He posts this myth, another idiot reads it and shares it with another idiot...so on, and so forth.  Before you know it, a lie becomes the truth.  Then you have Trumpery who panders to these idiots, reinforcing their idiocy...and ignorance.

What a country!  applause  party


Peas in a pod
By spencer374@msn.com, Community Member — Wed, 03/16/2016 - 16:30
King voted with Democrats to forget the second amendment and turn our gun rights over to the UN, he is such a great American not. Nine out of ten times Collins will side with and vote with the Democrats. Ever wonder what happened to one term Collins?


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