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Post by T on Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:56 am

So, this is the Tea Party, Republican Party, Alt-Right Party, Trumpery Party's game plan. Any time the media publishes or reports on an issue that they disagree with, it's FAKE NEWS?  dunno  

My god, talk about kool-aid drinkers.


Fake news is false rap

Our View | Sunday, February 12, 2017

On Thursday, we received a call from a longtime reader — and critic — accusing us of “fake news” in reporting Bishop Deeley’s position in support of refugees and immigrants.

In our report, published Jan. 30, we wrote:

“Maine Catholic Bishop Robert Deeley and other religious leaders in Maine condemned President Donald Trumpery's ban on some Muslim countries, saying it goes against Christian teachings and what the country stands for.”

The report was prompted by a flurry of press releases sent out by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and other clergy groups in response to the president’s immigration ban, but according to our reader the news was “fake” because the bishop never referenced Trumpery or his order in that press release.

But, Deeley did.

Here’s the precise reference:

“The executive order approved by President Trumpery last Friday has left many refugee families in Maine, as well as their family members still seeking entry into the United States, filled with anxiety and fear about what will happen to them. This time of grave difficulty for some of our brothers and sisters calls us to show our concern and solidarity.”

We even forwarded the press release to this reader to show him we drew language directly from that release for our report. He still claimed the message contained no direct reference to Trumpery or the executive order.  dunno  wall

Further, this reader took issue with using the word “condemned” because the bishop didn’t specifically use that word. He claimed we were, in our alleged pursuit of “fake news,” attributing a message the bishop did not deliver.

Again, not so.

Bishop Deeley’s statement, which was quite pointed compared to the usual diocese communication, made mention that “extending ourselves to refugees is particularly important in Maine, where jobs and opportunities await their presence and contributions.” And it clearly noted the church stands firmly behind the work of the Refugee & Immigration Services program of Catholic Charities Maine.

According to the bishop, “it is one of countless service projects and works of mercy presently on display throughout the state and country, inspiring and courageous efforts that truly define the greatness of our nation and answer our baptismal call to serve the most vulnerable among us, regardless of whether they are born in America or are new arrivals.”

If that was not eloquent condemnation of the policy to reject new arrivals, what is? It was a public statement expressing complete disapproval of a blanket policy on immigration, which is the dictionary definition of condemnation.

But, the reader was relentless in his accusation.

Fake news.  rage

Fake news.  rage

Fake news.  rage

What is fake news exactly? Is it a total lack of facts, or merely information you do not agree with?  applause

Depends on who you ask. And what you’re willing to hear.

The Onion has always and will always deliver fake news, or false information that is intended to entertain. The publication bills itself as “America’s Finest News Source,” and it is if you favor farce.

On Friday, for instance, The Onion published a report that White House chief political strategist Steve Bannon had used his teeth to shred a report on climate change and then mixed the tatters with his own saliva to build a “nest,” suggesting he was an insect in need of a home.

That, right there, is fake news.

But, if you Google the keywords “steve” “bannon” “climate” “change,” the first page kicks back nine stories, eight of which are about Bannon’s real views on climate change and The Onion’s story about Bannon’s nest under construction.

Is it too much to expect thinking Americans to differentiate between facts and farce?  dunno

It’s not like this is our country’s first exposure to hyped headlines, dummy interviews and pseudoscience.

What is now "fake news" used to be called yellow journalism, and it was a favorite of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. In their respective grab for the greater share of the booming New York City newspaper market in the late 1880s, the two competitors sensationalized the news in the hopes of running each other out of business. At the same time they developed what has become the gold standard of journalism today: factual, fair, timely and thorough reporting.

Eventually, the public became sick of the sensationalism and demanded the publishers focus on strict journalism. Which, they did, to their shared success.

And, others took note. The key to reader confidence is truth, which remains essential to the work of the Sun Journal and thousands of others engaged in journalism.

The real fake news is that journalists — as an entire profession — have suddenly taking up lying in favor of legitimacy, and rejected ethics in favor of aspersion.

We haven’t, nor will we. Despite what some people may say. That’s our commitment and our strength.

That's the truth.


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Fake News Empty Re: Fake News

Post by T on Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:43 am

Trumpery:  “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?” *

So, it turns out that Trumpery, the #1 spreader of FAKE NEWS, got his information from the lying, dishonest media?

Who would believe this?  dunno  party


*Trumpery was referring to an interview with filmmaker Ami Horowitz on Fox News' “Tucker Carlson Tonight,”. Horowitz has blamed refugees for what he claims is a crime wave in Sweden. His claims have since been debunked. Two Swedish police officers who were interviewed by Horowitz said that their comments were taken out of context. One of them, Anders Göranzon, accused the filmmaker of being a “madman.”


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