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Post by T on Wed May 31, 2017 8:14 am

It looks like Mary Jane Newell, et al, will need to find a new place to peddle their vitriol.

Our View: Bringing courtesy back to this page

We posted Singh’s image, along with our coverage of the graduation, on the Sun Journal’s Facebook page Sunday afternoon. Can you guess what the first comment on the post was?

It wasn’t congratulatory.

Instead, it was an ugly slam against Singh, critical of her choice of summer dress and critical of the lack of graduation gowns.

That bit of ugliness was offered up by an adult woman, whose post degraded the young graduate based solely on her clothing.

Singh’s message to her peers was one of celebration.

The message to Singh was one of aggression.


Starting today, that will stop.

Published letters will be civil. And posts to our website and Facebook page lacking civility will be taken down when we become aware of them. Feel free to argue, debate and discuss. But keep the abuse out.

It is possible to express oneself without bringing someone else down. To phrase an argument without disrespecting another. To make a point without being offensive.


Let’s lead the return to basic courtesy through reasoned argument, not gratuitous insults. Now.

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