What the he!! is he talking about?

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What the he!! is he talking about? Empty What the he!! is he talking about?

Post by T on Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:39 am

What planet are you living on, Neil?  

Have you ever spent any time in a public school as an adult?  Are you aware that "liberal teachers" have little control with regard to what they teach?  Most curricular in this country is programed and strictly controlled by city councils and school boards.  If a teacher strays from the curriculum, they are subject to discipline and/or dismissal. And no, the big bad teacher unions can't save them.

Neil, your ignorance of public education is profound.


What are schools teaching?

Neil Bourgoin

Letters | Thursday, June 8, 2017

Students are now being instructed that they need to radically transform the nation.

Schools are no longer institutions of learning. They have become laboratories of progressive indoctrination.

Encouraging critical thought has been replaced by demanding regurgitation of leftist ideology to get a passing grade.

Students know how to address the transgender with the proper pronouns, but they aren't able to do the basic math.

Textbooks emphasize America's failure and minimize the nation's great accomplishments.

American schools (are) undermining the nation's greatness. Why? Because the liberals want and demand it.

The nation's future leaders are being mentally reprogrammed.

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