What the hell is he talking about?

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What the hell is he talking about? Empty What the hell is he talking about?

Post by T on Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:16 am

What the hell is Richard talking about?  I understand some of what he's saying, but most is either flat out wrong or misguided.

1) The MEA (Maine Education Association) is a professional association, not a union.  It does not have the rights and privileges allowed by law that labor unions in Maine have.  

2) The MEA does not receive any tax dollars, re: "If the Maine Education Association needs more money".

The MEA raises funds through voluntary membership participation, via dues.

3) As I have noted previously, if Maine were to adopt the Florida model, it would bankrupt our education system.  Maine does not have the financial resources Florida has.

The Florida model is top-heavy with administration. I know Richard believes everything that comes out of LePig's mouth, but this is nothing but BS based in ignorance. Richard, I suggest you study Volusia County Schools' system (LePig has/had a home there in Ormond Beach) and see if that's what you really want. dunno

4) Pay raises are not "handed out", they are earned.

5) If educator pay should be tied to the CPI, so should all wages.  I'm sure you would have supported that before you retired, right Richard?  dunno

6) "Leave the state"....I doubt it.

** Maine's wealthiest (top 1%) would have paid about $15,000 more annually.  Now, when I say wealthy, I'm talking about multi-millionaires.  $15,000 is pocket change to them.  These people are sophisticated investors, and would most likely manipulate the system in order to avoid paying much of this tax.

** Mainers in the 98-99% bracket would have paid about $2,000 more annually.

** Mainers in the 95-98% bracket would have paid about $80 more annually.

Note: Wealthy Mainers have had their income taxes cut twice recently.

Note: Residents with a household income of $40,000 pay the same tax rate as those with an income of $1 million.

7) Richard...that $162 million increase in funding you're complaining about?  Because of LePig and the Republicans, that money will come from all of us instead of from those that most can afford to pay. Being on a fixed income, that must be hard to take.  whistling

Richard...reorganizing education in Maine might address your concerns, but reorganizing the MEA will not.


Reorganize the MEA

Richard McInnis
Letters | Friday, August 4, 2017

In the November balloting, Maine people voted for a 3-percent surcharge on annual taxable incomes of more than $200,000. That issue, Question 2, was brought to the ballot statewide by the teachers union. If the Maine Education Association needs more money, it should take a look at the present system.

I believe that most school systems are overstaffed with administrators. The MEA should undergo a complete reorganization and take a look at Florida's system to reduce the staff by approximately 40 percent. That would save a few million dollars and help replace needed funds without increasing town taxes.

As of July 4, Question 2 is no more. Lois Kilby-Chesley, MEA president, wants more funds for education. Pay raises are handed out year after year. Those pay raises should be based on the consumer price index, same as with Social Security. Yet, state lawmakers boosted the state's two-year budget for education by some $162 million.

I believe that any tax surcharge on people with taxable income above $200,000 would cause quite a few people to leave the state.

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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