What a week for the bloviating Trumpery

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What a week for the bloviating Trumpery

Post by T on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:15 am

What a week for the bloviating Trumpery.

* The military rejects Trumpery's transgender ban. (Tweets  blah  are not orders! )

* The Senate comes out in support of AG Sessions (Grassley gives Trumpery the "finger". Fire Sessions?...no AG for you! party )

* The Boy Scouts apologize (What an embarrassment, the Boy Scouts of America had to apologize for the president?   ashamed  )

* Police chiefs scold Trumpery  (I never thought I'd see the day when the president of the United States would encourage police brutality. finger wag  )

* Senate Republicans reject repeal of the ACA (No matter how much he bullied, Trumpery lost again. No desperately needed legislative win for Trumpery...and the Republicans demonstrated they do not fear him.  applause )


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