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Another liar

Post by T on Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:55 am

Trumpery got caught not calling the families of American troops killed on duty. †

He always drapes himself in the Flag, so this looks BAD, very BAD. †

So rather than taking responsibility (the coward), he lies in an attempt to make his predecessors look worse.

During the same side-show (press conference), he also said he wasn't taking any responsibility for achieving NOTHING during the first year of his administration. It's all congress' fault, but we're unified (the Republicans)!

What a circus.


Trump Falsely Claims Obama Didnít Contact Families of Fallen Troops

WASHINGTON ó President Trumpery's falsely asserted on Monday that his predecessor, Barack Obama, and other presidents did not contact the families of American troops killed in duty, drawing a swift, angry rebuke from several of Mr. Obamaís former aides.

Mr. Trumpery was responding to a question about why he had not spoken publicly about the killing of four Green Berets in an ambush in Niger two weeks ago when he made the assertion. Rather than answering the question, Mr. Trumpery said he had written personal letters to their families and planned to call them in the coming week. Then he pivoted to his predecessors.

ďIf you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didnít make calls,Ē Mr. Trumpery said during a news conference in the Rose Garden with the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. ďA lot of them didnít make calls. I like to call when itís appropriate.Ē

Mr. Trumperyís assertion belied a long record of meetings Mr. Obama held with the families of killed service people, as well as calls and letters, dating to the earliest days of his presidency. Before he decided to deploy 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, Mr. Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to greet the coffins of troops.



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