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If I were a Democrat . . .
By Bob Neal, The Countryman - February 11, 20180

Will Rogers, the 20th century sage from Oklahoma, famously said, “I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.”

That was at least 83 years ago. If I were a Democrat, I would be mad as hell at the people running my party. Or, to be correct, I would be angry as hell. And if Will Rogers came back today, he might be angry as hell, too, at the Democrats.

Maine’s Democrats can’t seem to win an election. In 2010, their candidate for governor (State Sen. Libby Mitchell) drew a whopping 19 percent of the votes, leaving 81 percent for Eliot Cutler and Paul LePage to carve up. LePage carved off slightly more of the 81.

Everyone in Maine who cared knew that Mitchell was running a binoculars third, that is, you needed binoculars to find her trailing the pack. She had every opportunity to throw her support behind Cutler to defeat LePage. But she refused. She apparently expected an October surprise that November.

So, next time you get angry with the Blaine House Bloviator, remember that Mitchell and the Democrats could have read the writing on the State House wall and kept LePage in Waterville. Or Florida. They didn’t.

Read the entire editorial here.


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