It will only get worse

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It will only get worse Empty It will only get worse

Post by T on Wed May 30, 2018 6:03 am

As long as Trumpery is president, it will only get worse.

Geiger executives worry Trump is triggering fears that will hurt their business

By Steve Collins, Staff Writer - May 29, 2018

LEWISTON — Officials at Geiger are worried the largest privately held promotional products distributor in the world could suffer if the global reputation of the United States does not improve.

Jo-an Lantz, Geiger’s chief operating officer, said Tuesday that world opinion has “really shifted” against the country over the past 18 months because of the perceived bullying by and inconsistency of Donald Trumpery.

There has been “a subtle backlash” against American companies as a consequence, she said.

Chris McKee, vice president of corporate programs, said he has never before heard the level of negativity about America that he has been hearing as he travels the globe.

Gene Geiger, one of two brothers who manage the company, said the $1.5 trillion tax cut adopted by Congress in December was not wise.

“It was a mistake to cut taxes as significantly as was done,” Geiger said.

“Long-term for this country, we’re going in the wrong direction,” Geiger said.

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