There's another side to that coin

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There's another side to that coin

Post by T on Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:32 pm

I don't disagree, but there's another side to that coin.  Why should employers have the right to force their employees to stand for the National Anthem?  Forcing any US citizen to stand for the Anthem or pledge the Flag seems quite Un-American to me.  If your protesting your government, what better time to do it than during the Anthem? If the NRA says we should arm ourselves in defense of an oppressive government, I see so problem with "taking a knee". BTW... last I knew, fast food establishments, dental practices, etc., don't play the Anthem when your being served a burger or having a tooth pulled.

Protest on your own time
By Roland Martin - June 2, 20180

In response to a letter by Elaine Makas (May 31), I firmly believe that employees have a responsibility to adhere to policies set by their employers, regardless if employed by a sports team, as a fast-food associate, dental hygienist, etc.

The work place is just that — a place for work. Peacefully protesting perceived social injustice (or any issue) is a right all Americans have — out of the workplace on a person’s own dime and time.

Can you imagine if protests were allowed at all workplaces?


Roland Martin, Lewiston

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