Shame on Democrats (Rebuttal)

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Shame on Democrats (Rebuttal) Empty Shame on Democrats (Rebuttal)

Post by T on Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:57 am

Shame on Republicans
By T - July 19, 20180

I watched as FBI agent Peter Strzok was being interviewed by members of Congress. The Republicans acting like spoiled brats. They were ridiculous in their tactics trying to stop Agent Strzok from answering questions.

I watched the news media questioning of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trumpery. I didn't believe Putin when he said he had nothing to do with any meddling in the election of Donald Trumpery. I believe everything FBI agent Strzok said. He is a patriot and is to be trusted.

I believe this whole Russian collusion gambit was instigated by Republicans and those who are trying to prop-up the unduly-elected president.

Shame on the Republicans; shame, shame, shame.

I really believe the conservatives would rather see this country fail than see the country become great again. Conservatives show their colors every day, and they are not red, white and blue.

Republicans may be very surprised when election day rolls around. I believe there are many people who are getting sick of their pettiness.

T, United States of America

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