Aww...I want my parade, but I can't have my parade...

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Aww...I want my parade, but I can't have my parade...

Post by T on Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:17 am

Aww...I want my parade rage , but I can't have my parade... rage  How else is the military going to bow down bow and kiss my feet? dunno

Donald Trumpery cancels military parade due to high price tag
By The Associated Press - August 17, 20180

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trumpery said Friday he had canceled plans for a Veteran’s Day military parade in November, citing the “ridiculously high” price tag.

Trumpery on Twitter accused local politicians of price-gouging  finger wag , although much of the projected $92 million price was attributed to Pentagon costs for aircraft, equipment and personnel.

The Defense Department announced a day earlier that there would be no parade in 2018. Trumpery said perhaps something could be scheduled next year when the price “comes WAY DOWN.” He did not explain how the costs would be reduced.

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