Championing Rumford?

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Championing Rumford?

Post by Z on Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:00 am

" Candice 1 day ago

I must congratulate the people of Vassalboro, the outsiders with their religious objections, and the arsonist for closing the motel and coffee shop costing tax revenues and most importantly JOBS which could ill afford to be lost. You may not have approved of the business, but it did provide jobs for those who chose to participate, legal goods and services for those who wished them, and those who objected didn't have to have anything to do with it beyond enjoying the benefit of having neighbors legitimately employed and the state and community benefiting from the tax revenues. Now you have yet another self-storage unit facilty which will pay minimal property taxes and have zero employees. Again, Congratulations on your job well done, you have done well for yourselves, your neighbors who want jobs, your community and state tax coffeurs."

"Candice 1 day ago in reply to ok_sure

No one with any sense would open anything in Rumford, flee Rumford yes, go there for anything no."

How nice that she is here to defend Rumford from ruin! lol!


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