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So...either the whistle or the fuel gauge is faulty and the driver decides and takes a chance it's the whistle?  whistling  ...the one and only safety device the fueling system has?  dunno 

Just another example of big, bad government incompetency! Oh wait...This was the "private sector".  Never mind.  uhoh 

** HEBRON — About 1,800 gallons of heating oil were still unaccounted for Thursday at the Hebron Station School

** A total of 1,900 gallons of oil leaked out of the basement tank Dec. 24 as it was being filled by a driver from C.N. Brown

** “The goal is to find out where the oil went,” Colpitts said. “They will then develop a plan to eradicate it."

** an oil truck pumped in about 160 gallons before a whistle that indicates available space in the tank stopped blowing. Although the whistle stop usually means the tank is full, the fuel gauge continued to read empty, and the driver decided to continue pumping

** oil leaked from an emergency relief valve

** The self-contained concrete bunker under the school filled with about a foot of oil.

**School employees were told C.N. Brown would be back immediately to pump out the oil

** a DEP team was called to the school after school officials found the room empty but suspected the oil had not been pumped out, but rather leaked out of the containment room

** C.N. Brown President Jinger Duryea acknowledged the incident and apologized for the “inconvenience”

** In November of 2011, a thief stripped copper piping from an oil and propane tank at the Otisfield Community School on Powhatan Road, causing more than 100 gallons of heating oil to spill on the ground

** The bill for the (2011) cleanup and restoration amounted to $44,911

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