The Legacy of a Great Man, Chief Gary Wentzell

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The Legacy of a Great Man, Chief Gary Wentzell Empty The Legacy of a Great Man, Chief Gary Wentzell

Post by Big Jim on Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:41 pm

The Legacy of a Great Man, Chief Gary Wentzell Kurt_w10

Walking among us is a special breed of men an women.  They are few, but they still exist.  We are truly blessed when one crosses our path.  Our lives are never the same having been made immensely better for our having been in their presence to be mentored, inspired, and in many ways healed.  There is no denying the eternal impact these men and women leave in their wake, the gifts they bestow, the wisdom they impart, the life changing impacts can be seen for many generations.  While these men and women eventually pass, their legacy is eternally visible, felt, and heard reverberating from those the touched directly passed down to the next generation.  We are extraordinarily blessed when one resides in our community.  Today, the people of the River Valley will be celebrating the life and legacy of one such blessing with the memorial service for Mexico Fire Chief Gary Wentzell.  Chief Wentzell leaves behind very big boots to be filled.  It will take many to fill the void he leaves behind.  Hearts are truly heavy this day.  But none can deny Chief Gary Wentzell was a remarkable man who has forever changed not only the River Valley, the State of Maine, and New England, but far beyond through those of us he touched, made better, forever change.

RIP Chief Wentzell, you will be remembered for generations.

Photo by Kurt Wentzell

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