LePig must be proud - Veterans used as political pawns

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LePig must be proud - Veterans used as political pawns Empty LePig must be proud - Veterans used as political pawns

Post by T on Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:41 am

It appears LePig is more interested in helping an animal than he is veterans.  dunno


Gov. Paul LePig saves a dog's life with timely pardon

AUGUSTA — Whatever his faults, Gov. Paul LePig clearly has a soft spot for dogs.

LePig announced a pardon Thursday for a husky named Dakota that had been sentenced to die by an Augusta court for showing aggressive behavior that included killing a smaller dog.

LePig said, though, that Dakota was getting a bum rap.

"I have reviewed the facts of this case and I believe the dog ought to be provided a full and free pardon," the governor said.

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Gov. Paul LePig vetoes Jared Golden's bill to help veterans get IDs

AUGUSTA — A Lewiston Democrat who tried to help provide identification cards to veterans who need them to access federal health care facilities said Thursday he is disappointed and insulted that Gov. Paul LePig vetoed his bill.

Assistant House Majority Leader Rep. Jared Golden said the governor has been calling on the Legislature to resolve the problem for about 500 southern Maine veterans who lacked a required identification card.

“Now, when the Legislature sends him a solution, he vetoes it,” Golden said. The governor's repeated expressions of concern about these veterans are not reflected in his decision to veto this bill. It's clear that for the governor these 500 veterans are nothing more than political tools, Golden said.

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