It's time to clean yourself up and get a job.

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It's time to clean yourself up and get a job.

Post by T on Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:34 am

During the "Great Recession" I was sympathetic to the plight of those receiving unemployment compensation and welfare.

No longer.

I see too many walking the streets of Rumford/Mexico day and night, obviously unemployed and most likely receiving assistance of some kind.

It's time to clean yourself up and get a job.


WANTED: Help. With low unemployment, Maine companies struggle to find workers.

Last September, the state asked 3,400 business owners to identify their most difficult jobs to fill.

Turned out, it was most of them.

Employers couldn't find people for at least three out of four open positions, across the board.

"We found, really, an awful lot of different occupations and different industries were reporting difficulty," said Glenn Mills, chief economist at the Maine Department of Labor's Center for Workforce Research.

He estimated a seemingly high 31,000 job openings across the state in September 2016 and planned to resurvey this month to find out how 2017 compares.

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